Opening hours of Oulu libraries 4.–5.11.2022

All libraries of the Oulu City Library, with the exception of the Pekuri Library, are closed or can only be used as self-service libraries on Friday, 4.11.2022 due to a staff recreation day. 

On All Saints’ Day, Saturday 5.11.2022 the libraries of Pekuri, Haukipudas, Kiiminki and Oulunsalo that are normally open on Saturdays are closed. Self-service libraries can be visited even on All Saints’ Day during their self-service hours. 

Self-service libraries can be accessed with a library card and PIN. 

You can see the opening hours of your local library on the library website, the OUTI Web Library or by visiting the library. 

Check that messages sent by the library do not end up in spam! The sending address of messages sent by the library will change

The sending address for e-mails sent by OUTI Libraries will change soon to The system automatically sends due date reminders, pick-up notifications for reservations and account expiration notifications. Koha is the name of the library system used by the OUTI Libraries, and Koha-Suomi is the entity that maintains and develops the system. The address is already being tested and some customers have received messages through it.

Messages sent automatically by the library system may go to spam in some cases. Sometimes messages may even not arrive if the security terms of the email service provider’s server do not accept it. This can happen, for example, with government agency addresses and Gmail and Hotmail addresses. You can help the arrival of messages yourself by adding the address of the sender of the message to your own contact information in Gmail and to trusted contact information in Hotmail.

According to the rules of use of the OUTI Libraries, problems with the delivery of messages do not remove the customer’s responsibility for loans and reservations. You can check your loans and reservations on the OUTI Web Library and at the library’s customer service.

The Oulu Main Library will close for renovation on 11.9., Pekuri Library will open on 19.9.

The Oulu Main Library closes on September 11th

The last opening day of the Oulu Main Library before the renovation starts is Sunday, 11th of September, when the library is open 12:00–16:00. Transfers of equipment and materials cause changes and interruptions in the library services. During August-September, Digiverstas (Digital Workstation), customer computers, furniture and customer service points will be moved to the Pekuri library.

Materials borrowed from the Main Library do not have due dates between 12th and 20th September. If the due date of the loan was before September 12th, late fees will accumulate as usual. Reservations with the Main Library as the pick-up location cannot be picked up between 12th and 18 September. The reservations will be transferred to the Pekuri library where they can be pick them up when the library opens.

Loans can be returned to all branch libraries of the Oulu City Library and to other OUTI Libraries. The Main Library’s return drop box will remain open for the time being and will be closed later in the autumn. Materials can only be returned to the Pekuri library during the library’s opening hours. In the OUTI Web Library, you can renew loans and, if you wish, also make changes to the pick-up location of reservations, if the reservation is not yet transported or ready to be picked up.

Pekuri Library will open on September 19th

The library on the second floor of the Pekuri shopping centre will be opened for customers on Monday, September 19th at 8:00. The Pekuri Library serves customers throughout the renovation of the Main Library. The renovated Central Library is scheduled to open on the eve of the European Capital of Culture year 2026.

The facilities and the collection of Pekuri Library are the size of larger local libraries. The Main Library’s collection will be distributed during the renovation years to all nearby libraries and storage, where the collection can be borrowed from by making reservations. Most of the Main Library’s services will be transferred to the Pekuri Library on a smaller scale.

Preparations at the new Pekuri Library

Local libraries and bookmobiles serve all over the city

The network of local libraries and bookmobile stops covers the whole of Oulu, from Oulunsalo to Yli-Ii and from Martinniemi to Ylikiiminki. The libraries of Tuira and Karjasilta are closest to the city centre. Services vary depending on the size of the branch library.

The Pekuri Library does not have separate meeting or working spaces for patrons. Workspaces and meeting rooms can be booked in the libraries of Haukipudas, Kiiminki, Oulunsalo, Puolivälinkangas and Yli-Ii. Small workspaces for 1–2 people can be found in the libraries of Maikkula, Oulunsalo and Ylikiiminki. The reading rooms are located in the libraries of Oulunsalo and Yli-Ii.

Information about library services and their opening hours can be found on the library website and the OUTI Web Library. The timetables and stops of the bookmobiles are listed on the library website (in Finnish). Workspaces and devices can be booked through Varaamo.

OUTI Web Library:
Bookable library spaces and devices:
Library customer service: tel. 08 558 47337,

Principles of a safer space customer survey of Oulu City Library

The principles of a safer space are created for the facilities and events of the Oulu City Library. Share your experiences and observations about participating in library events and using the facilities by 11.9.2022. Your answers will be processed anonymously.

Four (4) Finnkino movie tickets will be drawn among the participants. If you want to participate in the giveaway, please include your contact information at the end of the survey.

The goal of the principles of a safer space is to increase discussion, lower the threshold for participation and promote appreciation of diversity.

A safer space is a supportive, non-threatening environment where all participants can feel comfortable, freely express and share their experiences without fear of discrimination or retaliation.

Principles of a safer space customer survey

All OUTI Libraries closed on Tuesday 7.6.

All OUTI Libraries will be closed on Tuesday 7.6.2022 due to the library system update. Self-service libraries will also be closed. Libraries will open on Wednesday 8.6. at 12:00.

The OUTI Libraries are the libraries of Hailuoto, Ii, Kempele, Kuusamo, Liminka, Lumijoki, Muhos, Oulu, Pudasjärvi, Pyhäjoki, Raahe, Siikajoki, Taivalkoski, Tyrnävä, Utajärvi and Vaala.

Online services and Northern eLibrary services will not be available during the update starting on Monday 6.6. at 21:00. The collection catalogue will be available for browsing at the OUTI Web Library but the information about availability is out of use. Logging in to your user information, renewing loans and making reservations at the OUTI Web Library will all be unavailable.

All due dates and reservations’ last pick-up dates expiring on 7.6.2022 will be moved to a later date.

Please see the OUTI Web Library or the libraries’ websites for library opening hours.

Summer opening hours at OUTI Libraries

Summer can bring changes to the opening hours of many libraries. Midsummer also causes exceptions to library opening hours on 23.–25.6. Please see the summer opening hours of your library by visiting the library, or on the library’s website or the OUTI Web Library.

Many municipalities and cities also have self-service libraries, and some of the libraries may only be open for self-service use during the summer. During self-service use, the library can be accessed with a library card and the PIN attached to it. Customer computers and self-service stations for borrowing and returning are also available in addition to the library collections during self-service hours.

All OUTI Libraries will be closed on Tuesday 7.6.2022 due to the library system update. Self-service libraries will also be closed. Online services and Northern eLibrary services that require a login will not be available. Libraries will open on Wednesday 8.6. at 12:00.

Scheduled maintenance on Overdrive and Libby 3.5.–28.6.

E-book service OverDrive will undergo scheduled maintenance from May 3 to June 28. The work will be done on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 13:00–15:00 Finnish time. During the maintenance, you can log in to the service and the Libby app and read and listen to e-books, but you may be prevented from borrowing, reserving, and returning loans. Prevented functions will be available once the maintenance is over.

Watch four movies each month on Viddla

The movie streaming service Viddla’s monthly loan amount will increase from three to four films on 2.5.2022.  You can now watch four movies each month. Log in to Viddla with your library card and PIN.

Viddla has both Finnish and international films and new movies are added weekly. The viewing time for each film is 48 hours, starting from the moment when the film is borrowed.

Viddla on Northern eLibrary