Public libraries in Oulu are closed, excluding Pekuri Library, on 26.5. 

Public libraries in Oulu are closed or on self-service use only on Friday, 26.5. due to the staff recreation day with the exception of the Pekuri Library. Pekuri Library is open 8–16, customer service starts at 9. 

A valid library card and PIN are required for the use of self-service libraries. You can see the opening hours of your local library on the library website or the OUTI Web Library. 

All OUTI Libraries will be closed for the system upgrade 16.5.

Due to the upgrade of the library system, all OUTI Libraries will be closed and the mobile libraries will not drive their routes on Tuesday, 16.5.2023. Use of self-service libraries will not be possible either.

Online services such as the OUTI Web Library and the Northern eLibrary will be out of use starting on Monday, 15.5. at 22:00 until the end of the system upgrade. You can browse the library collections on the OUTI Web Library, but availability information is not in use. You cannot update or access your customer information, loans, or reservations.

The libraries will be reopened and online services will be available again on Wednesday, 17.5., no later than 12:00.

Wednesday, 17.5. is the eve of Ascension Day and customer service in the libraries will end by 16:00. On Ascension Day, May 18, there will be no customer service available in the libraries. However, self-service libraries can be visited according to their opening hours. A valid library card and PIN are required for the self-service use.

Check the opening hours of your library from OUTI Web Library or from the library website.

Cancelling reservations which are in transit is now possible

Introducing a new feature in the OUTI Web Library: you can now cancel a reservation that is being transported. Previously cancelling reservations (also known as holds) in the web library was only possible before they were in transit to the pick-up location.

Once the reservation is available for pickup, you cannot cancel it by yourself. We charge a fee of 1 euro for uncollected reservations.

Watch 10 movies on Viddla in March

During the March winter holiday campaign, you can watch 10 films per library card on the streaming service Viddla. Log in with your library card and PIN and enjoy!

Viddla adds new movies to its collection each week. The latest additions are Penguin Bloom, Ainbo: The Spirit of the Amazon, The Double Life of Veronique, Butterflies and Hope. Viddla has films from a variety of different countries (subtitles are available in Finnish and Swedish).

Screencap of latest films added to Viddla.

The streaming service has award-winning films, such as Parasite, The Imitation Game and Slumdog Millionaire. Available children’s movies include The Addams Family, Moomins and the Winter Wonderland and Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness. Viddla also has several Finnish films.

Viddla can be found at Northern eLibrary has a guide for the use of the service.

The validity period of reservations has been extended to three years, the list of reservations can now be sorted

The validity period of reservations (also known as holds) used to be two years by default. This validity period has been extended to three years. The validity period has been automatically extended for all reservations, except for those whose validity period has been changed by the user to be shorter than two years.

The new sorting function makes it easier to browse your own reservations. You can sort the list by the name of the reserved title or have the ones that are ready to be picked up at the top of the list. You can also sort the list of reservations by the creation date or the expiration date.

Opening hours of Oulu libraries 4.–5.11.2022

All libraries of the Oulu City Library, with the exception of the Pekuri Library, are closed or can only be used as self-service libraries on Friday, 4.11.2022 due to a staff recreation day. 

On All Saints’ Day, Saturday 5.11.2022 the libraries of Pekuri, Haukipudas, Kiiminki and Oulunsalo that are normally open on Saturdays are closed. Self-service libraries can be visited even on All Saints’ Day during their self-service hours. 

Self-service libraries can be accessed with a library card and PIN. 

You can see the opening hours of your local library on the library website, the OUTI Web Library or by visiting the library.