Watch four movies each month on Viddla

The movie streaming service Viddla’s monthly loan amount will increase from three to four films on 2.5.2022.  You can now watch four movies each month. Log in to Viddla with your library card and PIN.

Viddla has both Finnish and international films and new movies are added weekly. The viewing time for each film is 48 hours, starting from the moment when the film is borrowed.

Viddla on Northern eLibrary login has changed

eLibrary’s music service’s login has changed on April 20. The PIN attached to the library card is also required to log in.

You can get a PIN from the library customer service or you can order a new PIN to your e-mail from the OUTI Web Library. Use the ‘Forgot your PIN?’ link available in the login window.

Online payment available again

ETA: The downtime is over.

On the morning of Monday, 17.1.2022 starting at 9:00, online payment in the OUTI Web Library will be unavailable. The estimated duration of the downtime is two hours. During the downtime, you will be not able to pay your library fees online in the OUTI Web Library.

Maintenance break affecting the library system and web library on Wednesday 12.1. is over

ETA: The maintenance break is over.

The library system and OUTI Web Library are affected by a maintenance break on the morning of Wednesday, 12.1.2022 between 7:00 and 9:00.

Logging in to the OUTI Web Library, search results and information about the library collection, and eLibrary services will all unavailable during the maintenance break.

Accessing self-service libraries and self-service stations for borrowing and returning will experience temporary downtimes during the maintenance break.

Cost of overdue notices has been increased, please return or renew your loans on time

Starting on Monday, 10.1.2022, the price of overdue notices sent from the library is increased. The first notice is sent when the loans are 7 days overdue and will cost 1.50 €. The second notice is sent 35 days after the due date and will cost 3 €.

Overdue notices will be sent via email or as a letter via post if the customer does not have their email address in the library’s customer register.

Overdue notices are also sent of loans for children and young people.

Library system and web library downtime over 31.12.

Edited at 9:55: The downtime is over.

There is a temporary downtime in the library system which also affects borrowing and returning at the library at both self-service stations and customer service. The downtime is being investigated.

The OUTI Web Library and eLibrary services cannot be used normally during the downtime. Self-service libraries are also unavailable during the downtime.

All libraries closed 23.11., library services and OUTI Web Library temporarily unavailable 22.–24.11.

The library services will undergo an extensive downtime 22.–24.11.2021.

All libraries, including self-service libraries, will be closed on Monday 22.11. by 20:00. Accessing self-service libraries is not possible during the downtime.

All libraries are closed on Tuesday 23.11. Libraries will be open again on Wednesday 23.11. by 12:00.

Bookmobiles will not be touring their usual routes on Tuesday 23.11. or on the morning of Wednesday 24.11.

All online library services will be unavailable between 20:00 on Monday 22.11. and 12:00 on Wednesday 23.11. The downtime is due to library system server maintenance.

No automatic notifications, such as due date reminders, will be sent during the downtime. Please return or renew your loans before the downtime.

OUTI Web Library features, such as renewing loans and making reservations, will all be unavailable during the downtime.

eLibrary services will also be unavailable.

Please contact your library to find out the full extent and details of the downtime.

Biblio e-books available until November 22nd, 2021

The eLibrary service Biblio will not be available after November 22, 2021. Borrowing e-books and audiobooks on Biblio will not be possible after November 22 with the library cards of Kainuu and North Ostrobothnia. However, you can continue read and listen to the e-books and audiobooks you have borrowed on Biblio normally until the end of the loan period.

E-books and audiobooks in English are available on the eLibrary service OverDrive and the Libby app. E-books and audiobooks in Finnish will all be on Ellibs. Please see the eLibrary tab for all the services you can access with your library card and PIN.