Library services temporarily unavailable on the morning of Thursday, 30.9.

OUTI Libraries’ services will undergo an extensive downtime on Thursday, 30.9.2021. The downtime is due to library system server maintenance. All online library services will be unavailable on Thursday morning, starting at 7:30. The downtime will last approximately for an hour.

Logging in to your user information, renewing loans and placing holds as well as information on material availability on the OUTI Web Library will all be unavailable.

eLibrary services will also be all unavailable.

The server maintenance will also affect self-service libraries and self-service stations at libraries. Please contact your library to find out the full extent of the downtime.

See the library opening hours listed in the web library

Changes in managing holds

Updates have been made to managing holds in the OUTI Web Library. You can cancel and manage your holds by logging in to the web library with your library card number and PIN.

By selecting ‘Edit’, you can change the pick-up location of your hold and freeze your hold, i.e., suspend it temporarily.

Freezing a hold will suspend it temporarily so you will not lose your position in the queue but the hold will not arrive until you release it. You can freeze your holds for the duration of your holiday travels, for instance. It is now possible to input the date until which your holds will be frozen.

You can cancel your holds entirely by using the menu above all your listed holds. You can now also edit several holds at once.

Remote access login for PressReader has changed

You can log in to PressReader using the website of the service at The link for using the service is also available on the eLibrary section of the OUTI Web Library. PressReader service contains over 7,000 newspapers and magazines from 120 countries in more than 60 languages.

When using library computers or other library devices and with the free library Wi-Fi, logging in is not required.

Remote access login:

  • Select ‘Sign In’ → ‘Library or Group’ → search for your library network (Joki, Kainet, OUTI or Sotkamo) → login with your library card number and PIN.
  • You can opt out from registering an account by selecting ‘Cancel’.
  • Remote use of the service is available for 30 days before a new login is required.
  • The login process is similar with browser use and when using the PressReader app.

If you have created personal profiles for PressReader, they need to be reactivated. How to reactivate a profile:

  • Log in as usual.
  • Go to your PressReader stings.
  • Find the name of your library and select ‘unlink’. Log out.
  • Log in again. Now you are able to use the service normally.

Reactivating a profile needs to be done only once; afterwards, the account is automatically in use when logging in again.

Security of the library accounts and PIN has been increased

Access to services that require the library’s PIN authentication will be blocked after six (6) consecutive failed login attempts. These services include library self-service stations, entering the libraries during self-service hours, OUTI Web Library, eLibrary services and Varaamo. Locking the account after incorrectly entered PIN protects your user data from security breaches.  

If you have connected an email address to your library account, you can order a link through which you can change your PIN at the OUTI Web Library. Use the ”Forgot your PIN?” link that opens behind the Login button.

You can also receive a new PIN in person by visiting the library. A PIN will not be disclosed by phone, email or through the customer service chat.

E-book service OverDrive available again

E-book service OverDrive is available to be used again through the eLibrary of Kainuu and North Ostrobothnia with the library cards of OUTI, Kainet, Kiri, Tiekkö, Sotkamo and Reisjärvi Libraries.

Logging out and back in to the Libby app is recommended.

Log out:
Select the Libby logo from the top corner
Select ”See Library cards”
Select ”Actions” on top of your library card
Select ”Remove Card”
Select ”Yes, remove card”

Log in:
Select ”Add a Library Card”
Choose a Location
Select your library
Fill in your library card number
Select ”Next”
Fill in your PIN
Select ”Sign In”